1 Week of Marriage Celebration

So on Saturday it was exactly one week of marriage for Zach and I. How was it you ask? The same as any other weekend. Except, we added a festival in the mix. Yeah you know, they totally threw it in our honor. Just sayin’.

This was a big deal in Richmond Hill. Zach and I live just outside on Savannah in a community called Georgetown and Richmond Hill is just outside of us. Confusing, I know. Anyway we have a large river called the Ogeechee River and I’m guessing it harbors much of the seafood..? Not sure. Anyway we fine dined with picnic tables and fancy plates. I even took a picture to show yall!

This is a mixture of two vendor booths, one was a low country boil from The Shrimp Shack (the big blue plate) and then Love’s Seafood fried shrimp. Both amazingly good. Zach and I shared a plate not knowing if we’d like the food. We most certainly did. After our dinner feast we walked around, drinking a beer and sweet tea (guess who had which!) and then walked even more trying to get to the rides.

Happy Marriage week to us! This was the middle of our night, I (the photo snob) requested we take pictures for everything and sadly I only got this one. Boo.

The fair part was like a normal fair, scary and crowded. I didn’t ride anything because one I had my beer to hang on to and second I’m scared of fair rides. I need something to be bolted in cement with steel before I dare walk up to it. I’m a weirdo. This one did look fun, take a look.

Kristen my co-worker and friend went on this ride. I opted to take pictures, from a safe distance.

But Zach and I had a blast, the food was just awesome and I could of gone back for more. We kept talking like we were on a date, which I guess is what it was. I had fun, he had fun. I slept so good from all the greasy fried food and beer going through my veins.

That was our 1 week of marriage celebration, and I couldn’t of been more happy. I’m truly blessed to have such a wonderful husband.


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