Its My Birthday!

Yep today I turn the big 2-3! Needless to say I’m not too excited about this one, its just another year it seems and Zach and I talked about this last night because I was deeply concerned on why I felt this way, I mean hello? Its my birthday, the one day I get tons of praise all because I was born. Anyway he said thats when his started to feel that way, on his 23 birthday like a hundred years ago, just kidding only 2 years ago. I can see why this happens, you’ve passed the biggest one yet..21 and then you’re on the road to 25 (gasp!) so what is a girl to do to cheer her up? Go run like a crazy person (and not sleep in late, because thats no fun) for 5 miles, purchase some new running capri’s for herself, oh and then bake an awesome cake! Oh yeah 23 is going to be great. I must say that the best thing is its my first birthday as a married woman. My husband is treating me to a nice dinner on River Street tonight and hopefully a killer present (fingers crossed Nike LunarGlide +3).

So to start off my special day, I managed to get up early and get outside. Not realizing how cold it was I was freezing the whole time, but the time went by so fast. I was going to do 4, but I didn’t want to waste the weather and my legs felt fine so I just added an extra. No biggie. Once I finished, our homeless kitty who lives across the street came to cuddle on my leg but got distracted because of a lizard.

Yes those are goosebumps because I was freezing! This is why I came inside, figured I deserve some running pants or capris and got on Zappos and ordered them. Next on my list of fun activities included cleaning the house, doing laundry, then baking.

I love baking.

Its my fav, plus it makes our house smell auh-maz-ing!

On the list today was my special birthday cake, Pumpkin Spice Cake!

Didn’t take photos of the ingredients because I forgot, oops, and they are pretty generic to baking a cake.

Look at the gorgeous batter!

Oh yes, it looked beautiful. The color is vibrant, that pumpkin puree does wonders to a cake. Makes it moist and just sooo good. After drooling over my batter, I had to pour it in the pans.

That’s a little 6 inch pan, I use Fat Daddio’s because I think they just bake up better. Plus the name is pretty cool. After it was in the oven forever, I cut the top and it was a surprise inside!

It’s orange! That middle dimple is just where one collapsed, which was my fault because I shook the pan seeing if it would jiggle and it definitely did and fell. Oopsy. Next is the filling and coating, aka the best part!

The Orange Blob 2011. That my friends is Pumpkin Cream Cheese Icing and it looks so weird, but it tastes amazing! One of my favorite things to be on a cake. Of course, I would never leave a cake this way, hello I’m a professional. It turned from ugly to beautiful.

Oh yeah. Awesome. Love it, only one thing left. The decoration! I’m not going big on this, just simple cake with a twist. “Hello caramel topping, its nice to see you…you look delicious.”

I must say I love it. Can’t wait to eat it later!

Happy Birthday to me!

Off to Rocks On The River with my husband, then movie night! (oh & he told me I got my running shoes!)


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