A Runner’s Prayer

So I have yet to step out the door in my Asics for a run, I’ve been too busy stuffing my face with wedding cake and lounging. Just kidding, that was Monday. I’ve been at work which is the norm, which is making cakes. Ha. So with all that said I’m starting to feel “un-fit”. If you’ve ever had this feeling you know what I’m talking about. Your body starts to feel tired all the time, your motivation is non-existent and you just don’t want to exercise. I managed to drag myself out of bed early Tuesday morning and I dwelled on my time and the distance. I counted down every .10 of a mile wishing it was over. Needless to say it was a long boring run, but I should of focused on the distance with the time I finished. So I found this, and it really helped on my run this morning. So the next time you feel down for not getting a mile in or even 10 minutes, remember this.

A Runner’s Prayer.

Run by my side;

live in my heartbeat;

give strength to my steps.

As the cold surrounds,

as the wind pushes me,

I know you surround me.

As the sun warms me,

as the rain cleanses me,

I know you are touching me,

challenging me, loving me.

And so I give you this run.

Thank you for matching my



Sounds silly, but it makes you thank Him for giving you that strength to get where you are and how far you’ve come from the start. It made me thankful for how far I can run now. To stay positive is hard if you’re dealing with a difficult day, but running can clear your head. Also it makes you think of what good you have in your life. I managed to dedicate my run and in return I got the best run in 2 weeks, I never had a single negative thought.

The reason this came across to me was because I Googled it. I actually pray during my runs and talk with God about a problem or a blessing. Either way thats when I spend my time with the Lord. I can feel him helping me, gracing me the motivation I need to finish. This one really struck me because it allowed me to give Him my run and thank Him for the miles I’ve racked up and the strength I’ve gained.

I hope this brings something positive to your day!


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