The Brides Bouquet

Due to my new baller status as wife I can now dish my details on things I DIY-ed for the big day. My favorite thing was my bouquet. Yes, I did my flowers. The price was under $60 for my flowers and my MOH’s and it took me less than an hour (Brittney’s took me like 10 minutes, I was so jealous because it looked flawless to begin with). It would of gone a lot faster, but I’m OCD on detail so I kept changing things, even after I floral taped the heck out of it. Finally happy with my work I wrapped it with some ivory satin ribbon. The size was perfect, just a good size to hold in one hand without struggling.

Here is one top view, as you as tell it was rich fall tones of reds and oranges with some cream roses. Those two bulbs did bloom, but barely. The colors were just perfect, just what I wanted. Plus the touches of white made it look bridal. Of course you know I have more photos! Who would I be if I didn’t?

Another top view, and see its a beauty.

See the size is just perfect. It fit just nicely in my hand without being too heavy. And thats the satin ribbon I got from Michael’s. I got the idea to do my bouquet from Caitlin at the Healthy Tipping Point and it was just as easy as she claimed it to be. Plus it was fun for my mom and I.

On the way to marry my best friend, my husband. Oh how I do love him. I got so many compliments from the guests and no one could believe I did my own flowers. I guess I can add florist to my resume? Just kidding.

Thanks for stopping by!

2 thoughts on “The Brides Bouquet”

  1. Brooke! You did such an awesome job. I cannot even imagine doing my own flowers. I tried to make those flower pens and got so frustrated with the floral tape that I wanted to scream. You picked such pretty colors; perfect for a fall wedding. Did you do any other DIY projects for the wedding? Can’t wait to see more pictures!!

    — Hayley

    1. Thanks Hayley! Ironically I got my flowers at Kroger and they had all the colors I wanted to use and the price was unbelievable! My bouquet was $20! My MOH was $15 and I got a little bouquet for mini white roses for everything else for under $10! I actually did a lot of other DIY projects for our wedding. You can check them out here
      under wedding planning in the categories or DIY wedding, etc. We did all of our decorations and favors, plus got the centerpieces at the local flea market which is also in my previous blog. Thanks for reading my blog!

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