Wedding Planning

Mom is Here..

to clean! Ha! Just kidding, no seriously.

No I don’t just need my mom to clean my house, although she did today and it looks 100% better than when I clean. I love having a free maid. Besides me forcing her to clean, we are doing lots of wedding stuff in the next 2 days. She flew is last night and we’ve already decided on flower colors, lipsticks ( and lip stains), and nail colors. You know the important stuff in life. Last night we discussed what was going on the gossip magazines, because all of it is true, and poor Zach couldn’t hear the tv. Then him and I were forced to watch Dancing With the Stars, finally I talked everyone into watching The Biggest Loser (I always tend to get my way) and then it was time for bed, at 10:30. That is a late time for us, but mom was keeping us up talking about working out. I’ve been told I shouldn’t run incase I hurt something. Yeah right. Running is my way of clearing my mind with the chaos in my life.

I really need my mom to keep me focused. She is good at only attending to one task before even starting another and then getting stressed or upset because you’ve wasted time going back and forth. Hmm, sounds like I’ve done that before..a lot.

I also need her because she’s my mom, and I’m getting married. This is her time to help with the final details. She is the one to keep me calm, she knows me better than anyone else. Her and I are the same person pretty much. I will say I am super happy she is here, and not just because she can clean a house like no one else. I’m happy she is here to see all the hard work I’ve put into this wedding and to be proud of me.

Its hard to believe my wedding is 3 days away!


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