My Love for Clemson

My longest relationship in love has been with my Clemson Tigers. 10 years ago I was introduced to this gorgeous place…

Death Valley, Clemson, South Carolina. The first game I went to was exciting, I remember trying to do the Tiger Rag and pretend I knew what was going on. They won and the contagious spirit of the crowd had me hooked. Since then I have been a true, Solid Orange fan. I have these lovely people to thank for my love of Clemson:

Tony and Anne-Marie. Tony is the main one who fully wanted to introduce me to a game He was the ultimate fan. Anne-Marie and I have attended many games in the same beat-up Clemson flip-flops. I’ve had my pair for 6 years now, gross. I need new ones.

The second person is Tyrone. Oh Tyrone, he is Tony’s best friend and someone I’ve grown up around. All 3 of these people have seen me grow up in 10 years, and both Tony and Tyrone treat me as a little sister. Many Saturday games were the 4 of us. I considered all of them family. Great times. I also had the chance to take some friends, and of course I took my best friend Audrey

This was 2007, the first fall after we graduated high school and first game together. I had short hair, I hated it. She sadly didn’t have a Clemson shirt so she borrowed one of my millions. We also share the same love for oversized shades. She had a great time, from what I can remember. That was so long ago. She too loved the atmosphere and contagious spirit. Thats the beauty of Clemson, they just make you feel like a fan even on your first game.

I love college football. I really, truly do. Love it so much I make things into my favorite team’s signature.

Yes, that is cake from my work in the shape of  a Clemson paw. Also I have things around the house that I must have, like my favorite fleece pillow

You best believe I sleep on that thing after every win. And I have tons of options for gameday, (any day for that matter) 

Speaking of which they won (AGAIN!) Saturday. They are now 5-0 and on top of the ACC. Here is my victory shot

I felt that one was a little intense, but all for happiness! 5 wins! Such a great start to the  season…did I mention we won again? 

Yes, my love for Clemson runs deep. Its forever in my heart. This is something truly special to me. Without wonderful people who introduced to me to this amazing team I would of been a Georgia fan, or worse a Georgia Tech fan. Gross. But thankfully I am a Clemson fan. Forever Solid Orange!


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