October is Here

Ohh-mm-gee its October 1. Who is excited?! Me! Not only is it my favorite month, first because its my birthday month and now my wedding is happening in October and its really fall. This month is packed with greatness. First on the calendar is my wedding! Next Saturday I will no longer be a bride-to-be, I will be a bride and Mrs. C-ra-zy! Then, its my birthday that Friday after and I will be 23. Getting closer to 25…sc-a-ry! I hope I get a Happy Birthday Wife card, I mentioned it to Zach. Who knows if he was actually listening. Plus, Menchies sent me an email for a free froyo! Score! Maybe I will try the new chocolate dipped banana.

After yesterdays post, I’m feeling 100% better now that I got it out there. Plus I ran yesterday, just for 25 minutes. Didn’t even track my milage, just wanted to run the heck out of myself. Also ran this morning, just a 5K. I was scheduled to run two 4 milers this week, but I was not feeling up to it. Thats the good thing about a schedule, you can fit it around your life, or drive to get outside. The weather this morning was amazing. I didn’t run till 11 am and the temp was only 66° with 42% humidity, hello fall! Love the cooler weather. I even took my time this morning, wasn’t in a rush. I really just wanted to enjoy the outdoors. The sky is beautiful, I pray it looks the same next weekend. 

And Clemson is playing Virginia Tech tonight at 6. Should be an intense game! Clemson is now ranked #13 and VT is #11. Exciting! (Go Tigers!)

So awhile back I had mentioned that this wasn’t fully the end on my bride-to-be blog. And this week I wrote a post about all my previous memories and what-not. Some have guessed and some have asked, so here is my answer. Yes, I will continue to blog…but not just about being a new wife. About my journey to figuring out life one sweet and sweat at a time. No more clues, you’ll have to wait until I launch it. But I give the name to my second baby..lol

–> sweats & sweets; learning life one workout & pastry at a time.

Happy Saturday! Off to deliver some gorgeous wedding cakes!

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