What Happens Next?

Since the time is coming to a close on being a bride-to-be I am feeling a little sad. I’m having some minor break-up feelings with the blog. I mean this blog has been here to help me express day-to-day feelings on everything I come across. It all started with Zach and I moving into our new apartment a little over of a year ago in Orlando and feeling like adults signing our lease without our parent’s signatures (grown ups!) and then dealing with the pain I felt when my dad had his heart attack. I posted about the impact that had on me and how health became super important to my life and others I love. There is a super interesting post on the Orlando transit system that I had to take everywhere, everyday. I got to write about the New Year with new beginnings, with included graduation for both Zach and I. (FYI: I’m feeling super emotional typing all this, its very real. Trying not to cry because it will freak Zach out. Then I’ll have to explain its important to me and I’m stressed out so leave me be. I’m slowing typing, reminencing on every post I can think of.) I also wrote about the time we traveled to New Orleans in hopes of Zach getting a job with BMW and then finding out we were offered the job in Savannah! Oh how God has plans for us…then I wrote about us moving here to Savannah and having our dream jobs. Then came my love of running and how I had good/bad days with tons of silly pictures, all which I love. What else has been here? There is post from October 8th of  last year reminding everyone of my up and coming marriage. At that time I wanted to elope in Canada, along with many other wedding ideas. Never had a definite plan until June of this year. Some awesome posts are about my path with God and rekindling that relationship. The most recent days have been about my wedding related stress and how I’m coping with it by running on a ridiculous schedule.

The next few days before the big day are exciting, I mean really exciting! The more I think about it, the happier I get. I’m honestly trying to let go of my stress. Its turning me into a nightmare. Zach is just too nice to say it. I think in the on-coming days I will try to post as much as I can about my life like I normally do, just with more emotional  input. Read some of my past posts, they are all good. The time is coming to a close dear friend, get it all in while you can!



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