DIYing It

This wedding is on a budget, I mean a small one at that. Does it make me sad? Nope, not in the least. This gave me the chance to do some personal, meaningful things. We, yes Zach and I, wanted our wedding to be relaxed. Southern chic with a rustic-romantic feel. How does one achieve such feeling? By shopping at flea markets and crafting some beautiful pieces herself. Lets begin with a super lovable, and personal favorites  of mine. The framed pieces. The first one was done a couple of months ago, but I’m lazy and didn’t purchase frames until today. Go me. The buttons were found on Etsy, my favorite place to shop online.

I made the letter N out of buttons, who is crafty? Me! This is Zach’s favorite. It includes the surname initial and our wedding date. Love! Its super important to us to have things that mean something to us. We wanted things that can be brought back and placed in our house. So this has sentimental value.

This next centerpiece item is also something I did with a purchase from Etsy. Again, didn’t tackle it until today because we finally got frames. Yay! 

Its a framed feather and ribbon that both are stamped with I LOVE YOU. This one was super easy, nothing but a little DIY magic. With the help of a MasterCard, scrapbook paper, and love you get something this beautiful. The cost was uber-cheap inexpensive. The price of the frame $7, scrapbook paper was free! (score) and feather plus ribbon under $4. Amazeballs!

Then we I tackled the favors. We are doing something fun, tasty, and again fun! Not giving away much of it, but here is a glimpse of whats going down in the household..


What does twine, caramels, and pot stickers have to do together? Well its a secret, but its awesome. There are two remaining items left, but its something cute and unexpected. Have I mentioned I am in love with doing things like this? This is making the last 2 weeks super fun. I just can’t wait to show all these off.


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