Its Almost Here!

My wedding is 15 days away!

Its almost here, and I am so, so excited! As you can see on my checklist I still have a ton to do, but I’m just holding that off. Terrible. But man my stress level is astronomical. Not only am I having wedding related nightmares, I will go off on someone like its nobodies business. Generally I vent to Zach and my parents, but lately its been really bad. The upside is they both agree with everything I say. STRANGE! Like I will get super mad at something, and both my parents are like, “you’re right.”

Besides that, the nerves are not present. The only thing that is making me nervous is walking in my dress. Naturally I am a clumsy person. Zach knows what he is getting himself into. I run into the dishwasher at work all the time. I bang into our furniture at the house. Wednesday I got my dress and it fits like a glove, and its gorgeous and by far the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen. You cannot see it until I post photos. Anyway I was walking around with it bustled and it was fine. Then they let my train down, and I freaked. Why does 4 extra feet of taffeta make you go into a panic attack? Anyway, what did I do? Step on the tulle under my gown and almost ate carpet. I caught myself before fulling hitting my face and just busted out laughing. The alternations department was like gasping, ran over to me and nearly had a panic attack themselves. Don’t they know I’m not graceful by any means? Oh well. But if thats the only fear I have, then I’m golden.

I finally have the rehearsal plans finalized, thank goodness! The only thing left that is major is the food. Why must my reception be the thing that cripples me? God has my prayers on file, so He will answer them.

I’m getting married!

Thanks for stopping by!

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