Finally its Fall!

Monday I got to go running in some more chilly weather, but this time I was ready. Ta-da! First long sleeve shirt of the running season, so very excited and happy.

After my quick 3 miles, much better than Saturday’s time, it was a lazy Monday. Until Zach came home early so we could head downtown to get our Marriage License!

Woo to the hoo! I was and still am really excited. Its probably the first real thing that legally means we are getting married. I’m sure the lady we were doing this with was thinking we are just 18 and too young to get married. She kept asking to see my ID. But with all thats going on this is the easiest part. I still have to finalize my menu, get the head out in, get the confirmation on everything including my chairs, rehearsal, officiant, etc. Yay wedding planning! <–no. I have told my family before, and my mom has said it numerous times that I have everything taken care of, I don’t need advice anymore. But nope, clearly my family doesn’t listen. I know everyone is excited, and thats great but please cut me some slack. I’m the one getting married, I’m the one whose fun you’re taking away. Wow where did that come from? I just needed to vent for a sentence…or two. I also got my dress this week and I love it. Really do! Fall is coming, fall is here.

Also Girls on the Run started this week and we have a fabulous group of 14 wonderful girls.

I’m so excited! Thats me with all the other coaches. All the girls are funny and adorable. The number one thing they talk about (with me) is my wedding, and what my dress is like. They all seem to think I should wear a dress that is gargantuan and covered in crystals. Ah, the dreams of 4th graders!

Happy Fall, and thanks for stopping by!


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