Night Of Worship

Last week Zach and I were invited by one of his co-workers to attend a Night of Worship by his church. I really wanted to go, I told Zach I’ve been having this feeling that I need to go to church and reconnect with Jesus. He said then lets go, we are both Christians who like going to church. The problem is its hard to find a church you really connect to. Churches are all different, some are very proper and some are lack luster. I like to feel relaxed, an easy environment where you don’t feel people’s eyes of on you for what you might be wearing. Thats how a church we attended was in the past.

When we moved to Orlando we were “church homeless” and needed to find one quick. I was fresh out of the state of Georgia, first time moving anywhere on my own and out of state! My parents were in the middle of their divorce and I was terrified of my future. Luckily I wasn’t alone, I had Zach. He had lived on his own before, and was my support. But I needed His support as well. We looked at some churches and finally settled on First Baptist Orlando.

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The church was huge. I felt super uneasy every time we attended. The girls would stare at my dresses, pretty much judge me and I could feel it. We quit attending because those experiences were taking away my time to worship the Lord. Needless to say we didn’t attend another church the whole time we lived there. I didn’t feel lost as I had before, I read my Bible and would pray at night. I had my own personal church schedule I guess.

Jump to the present, or a couple of months ago. We moved here to Savannah. The first months were busy so church wasn’t necessarily on the mind.  I still communicated with Jesus every night and read the Bible a couple of times. Lately though it was getting tough to feel that connection I had when we moved here. With all this wedding stress consuming my life I needed to go to a church. I’m not saying the churches here are bad, they are just very traditional in the sense that you can’t relax. The woman are dressed like they are going to the Kentucky Derby, minus such a large hat, but oh they were hats. Zach and I aren’t those people, we are a young couple about to embark of the journey of marriage. We need a church that will fit us, not make us fit it.

Step in LifeBridge Church! Such an amazing,wonderful place!

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So last night we attended LifeBridge Church’s Night of Worship. Boy was I blown away! The first 30 minutes were songs of joy, love, and everything great under the sun God created. The music was contemporary. The musicians were dressed like they belonged in Glamour Magazine, Mary one of the lead singers had one a fabulous pair of red skinny jeans, a black sweater that breezed, and killer gray suede biker boots. You would never see someone dressed that way back at my hometown church! This service was for a new age, a new generation of worshipers. I got so emotional during one of the songs, I will never forget the lyrics, “I’m running to You, I’m running to You.” I felt Him touch my heart and heal it from all this stress. Next was communion and they made it to be your own time. A lot of Christian churches make you eat the cracker and drink the “wine” at the same time, not here. You could do it when you felt the time was right. How amazing is that! I prayed to the Lord saying thank You for giving Zach and I this chance to come and attend this wonderful church. The rest was very personal and I started to cry, the happiest tears in a long time. The service was also amazing. The Pastor was very vibrant and energetic and he spoke so well. Zach and I couldn’t stop talking about it the whole way home, even after we got home we kept discussing what we liked and how it felt like that could really be our new church. I must say, I really have to thank Chad for giving us this chance to see how wonderful his church is and how awesome it was!

Have you had an experience like this? Where you just knew you finally found where you belonged?

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