Its a Make Up and Tux Kinda Day

Saturday wasn’t all so bad. Besides my longest running week (ever) ending there was an exciting thing schedule. Well two actually. Maybe 3? The third was if the scores were right. I’ll get to that. So Saturday I had my make up trial with Bobbie Brown at our Belk in Savannah. Not gonna lie, I was a little nervous. We arrived (yes Zach came, but left ASAP to go to Barnes & Noble to read BMW mags) and soon I was in the make up chair. I told Crystal, who was phenomenal, that I have super oily skin that is very sensitive. Why must I be blessed with fabulous genes? Any who she said she understood and we would use products that are great for my skin type. The rule was no peeking. I couldn’t look the whole time! I was anxious the whole hour. We really focused on eyes, because I’m not really a lips person..I drool over fabulous eyes. The result was stunning. I’m not really a make up person everyday so I go very easy so to see myself made up was exciting. The only thing I’m thinking about changing is the lips…maybe a soft berry color? Hmmm. Ideas, ideas!

This was after. I couldn’t help taking lots of pictures. I even managed to force Zach in one. He was thrilled! He was vey encouraging about the make up, he kept telling me how beautiful I looked. I do love him. Here is another great picture of my make up in different light, because a girl can never have too many pictures of herself!

After my exciting make up session, it was all about Zach and his tux. We are a little behind on this, but who doesn’t like to live life till the last minute? So we headed off to the tux shop and waited to find the one. A girl should know what color she wants her man to wear, but I’m an easy bride and told Zach to pick his own. I dealt with enough stress finding my own dress so he could find his own vest and tie. Fair trade. I must say my man looked mighty fine in the sample. He was some hott stuff! Ow! Ow! Enough of that, thats my man we’re talking about. In the end we got a beautiful soft shade of gray that will look fantastic on him and him being next to me in my gorgeous dress. Ah, our wedding will look like a spread out of Southern Wedding’s. Countdown is on!

So the third good thing I mentioned, well Clemson was playing Auburn, as in Auburn the National Champs. Big game day! HUGE! So during my make up session, I kept getting updates on the game and then the final score. Clemson won! Another great win, another great game! My Tigers are on a roll!

Such a great Saturday!


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