One Long Week

Its Saturday, and guess what? I finished my last scheduled training run for this week. 15 miles, 6 days. I can’t walk. I took one rest day and that was Wednesday. Thursday and Friday were 2 milers and I pretty much wanted to crawl home both days. Here is the recap of how I felt Thursday

and no I am NOT that dark, my flash was on and I had no intention of doing more work than I had to. Plus I have no clue what that thing is in the right-hand corner of the photo. Friday was the same way, feeling of death.

This morning was a killer 3 miles. My time was pathetic (or at least for me…). Absolutely worthless-no motivation was in me, I was running to finish so I would be done. Not gonna lie, I cried at 0.5 miles. The thought of having 2.5 miles left was dreadful. 

Plus the temps this morning made it super cold. I don’t know why I didn’t wear clothes, just some shorts and a tank. Brilliant me. This is what happens when you’re lazy and miss a whole week of training. So my time clearly showed how awful I did, I would of slapped myself if I had the energy and strength. I inhaled my Shot Bloks and had no teeth strength to chew. Seriously?! How sad is this, or just stupid? Probably both. I took photos of my pathetic butt when I was done running to show how sad this really was. Behold, Brooke at her absolute worse. At least thats how I felt when I hit my drive-way.

I literally was tearful, so happy..I managed to crawl myself to the porch and wasted no time yelling for Zach. I know my neighbors had to of heard me, probably thought I was dying. They clearly weren’t concerned. This is me, showing all the joy I could manage.

Yay! And yes that is the same outfit I ran in Thursday. I know thats gross, don’t judge me. Runners have no vanity! So happy I’m done, no running until Monday…probably will make that Tuesday.

Thanks for stopping by, happy weekend!

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