My Achy, Achy Legs

This week has started off great.  One of my best friends had her baby on Sunday. She is beautiful! (Taylor Nicole you are loved by a wonderful mommy!) and Sunday my cousin’s daughter had her 5th birthday party. Today is actually her real birthday, but they celebrated yesterday. Its hard to believe 5 years ago she was born. It feels like yesterday. I think all of this means I’m getting old.

Anyway, my legs are sore. All. The.TIME! I’m not really enjoying my runs like I once was at the start of Spring. They hurt after every run and every day. I know its my muscles getting stronger, but man come on. Yesterday I did a quick 5k and this morning just 2 miles. Yes, two days in a row because I totally slacked off last week. I am now trying to squeeze in last week into this week. Awful and wrong I know, but I don’t want to get behind on my training. So this week should look like this: 2, 3, 4 instead it will be like this 3, 2, 3, 2, 2, 3. Or at least that is what I’m hoping for. It probably won’t happen..I will most likely get lazy after Thursday or just not feel like going 15 miles this week. The run yesterday was a good one. I got up early, and didn’t get out till 9. An hour past my normal time! It was so hot, I mean up the 80’s and no clouds. There seemed to be smoke in the area again, not sure why. After my run I sat in this weird shaded “fake” pond in the neighborhood and took pictures of my feet.

My orange socks look nice with my blue and green ASICS. I always take a water with me, but never really drink it. I mostly like to have it in case I feel like I’m about to die, or I pour it on my head. Did that yesterday. Also noticed my tan is starting to fade.

This morning my run was looking like this:

Oh yeah! 97% humidity, but 66°, it might of been chilly, but I don’t remember. I just felt a thick wet blanket on me the whole time. Also when I started to run, my hair was stick straight. I even fixed my hair yesterday because I was super bored. This is what happened to my hair, within 18 minutes may I remind you

It curled! No I didn’t fix it, it does it on its own and sometimes it super annoying. The weather right now is killing me. Fall come faster! Thumbs up that I finished and didn’t fall over from my cramping, tight calves. Wish my legs would feel better so they can carry me further. A girl can dream…

Happy Monday & thanks for stopping by!

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