We’re One Month Away…

From getting married! In exactly one month, Zach and I will be married. Its exciting, nerve-racking, a blessing, and any other fantastic word there is! I can’t wait. Seriously CANNOT wait. I have this gut feeling that the next 30 says will fly by. I still feel like there is a ton to be done. The most important things have been dealt with, but small things like figuring out how to get my centerpieces delivered and arranged the way I want are left. That whole sentence made my sweat. I get so stressed out thinking of things like that, which means I am stressed all the time. Lately I haven’t been sleeping at night, I think of the wedding. Zach sleeps soundly at night. I’m jealous. But the thing I think about the most is my hair. It changes in every thought. Up or down? Right now its more on the down, but you never know…it might be up. (Gotta keep you guessing mom!)

One month away…ek! I’m giddy. Whats the the thing I look forward to the most? Seeing Zach. I want to see him before the ceremony. Just him and I in front of the fountain in the park. I think it will calm my nerves or make me more nervous. Either way I want to see him right before, our moment before the BIG moment. Romantic as ever! I love the city I live in, its full of romance. Savannah is gorgeous for special times like this!

The only thing I’m not looking forward to is leaving this blog behind. I will no longer be a bride after October 8. I’ll be a a wife. Don’t get too sad, there is a treat in store but can’t tell until after I’m a married woman! This blog has been here to help me express everything I come across during this whole planning era in my life. Its for me to look back on and see what I was going through and how I was feeling at that moment. There has been a numerous amount of posts, from health and fitness to cakes and races. Moments of sadness, happiness, and irritation.

Just one month away till the rest of my life with the man I love and dream of. So thankful God has this plan for us. Best one yet.

How did you feel a month before your big day? Was there a moment of sadness that you were leaving behind or just full happiness of what was waiting for you?

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