What a Fun Weekend

This Labor Day weekend my dad and Erin came down to visit with Zach and I. They got here Friday night, just in time to head downtown to The Olde Pink House for our meeting with the General Manager. This meeting was making me sweat, I was very nervous. Needless to say I was BLOWN AWAY by the GM. He was so professional, and just made the whole night wonderful. He understood my frustration, my needs to be dealt with, and even let us try anything and almost everything off the menu! The food was phenomenal! Everything we had was incredible. My wedding guests will not forget this reception, they will rave about the meal! Food is very important to me, it sets the whole event. People will always talk about how good (or bad) the food was and its something that always stands out. Here is a photo of our “doggie bags” well boxes.

Crazy amount of food between 4 people! We had to clear out our fridge to make room for all those boxes. The leftovers were so yum. Aw, BLT salad I will dream of you and cannot wait to eat you again on October 8.

Saturday came around and it was the start of my favorite time of year! College football! One reason I love this time of year is the weather, I love fall. Fall means cooler weather, beautiful colors all around, my birthday (super important), football, and now my wedding. Here is Savannah it doesn’t quite feel like fall yet, still kinda summery. In North Georgia where I’m from I know the leaves are changing and starting to fall. Its gorgeous up there! The mountains will bring tears to your eyes. Anyway, Saturday had some great games. My favorite team is Clemson. I love, LOVE my Tigers!

Sadly, the game was not on TV (boo!) it was on-line. But since we were all out around town getting this

Ah, Menchies! (BTW its cake batter  froyo with yogurt chips, reese’s chips, dough balls, and banana chips) we didn’t see the game, I did however have my ESPN Scoreboard app informing me on every touchdown of the game. Clemson won against Troy! Fabulous start to the season, 43-19 whoop! whoop! Besides that on Saturday nothing much happened.

Sunday Zach was off playing paintball and I did my 3 mile run. That afternoon and after a trip to Ihop we went shopping. My dad needed a tie, tie pin, and new shirt for my wedding. I wanted to pick it all out so I knew exactly what he was wearing. It was fun, well for Erin and I. This is what my dad did the entire time!

Sit and guard the bags. Oh and he played on this phone. Erin also got her dress for the wedding. They will match in a very Southern way. Sunday ended and today they were leaving. This morning our last meal was at Clary’s.

My dad loves Clary’s. He could eat there every morning of his trips down here. Zach and I are creatures of habit and get the same thing every time.

Oh foodgasm! Stuffed french toast, its to die for. I get it every time, 100%. Have yet to try something else since 2007 the first time I ate there. Lets back up a bit, before the food came. My dad wanted to heat the butter so it would spread easier. This is how creative he is

Yes, that is my genius father. I was the only one who found this remotely interesting. I thought it was photo worthy too. This face pretty much sets the mood before the food came

Yep. Zach wanted this food then. I was trying to have fun, but someone was being a butt. Thats a lie, he was in a good mood. I was just in a better one!

On the way out, this caught my eye.

Interesting. I’ve never noticed this before, but it made my laugh. See? Not everything in Savannah has a history!

This Labor Day was a good day! I love seeing my dad, I miss him a lot. And Erin is always fun to hang out with. Zach is enjoying this 3 day weekend too, by not doing anything but eating leftovers. We still have food from Friday!

Hope you had a great Labor Day!

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