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Wedding Shower

Sorry its taken me so long to get this post up, been busy catching up on sleep, running, wedding ordeals, oh and work! Along with all this there was a fabulous shower in my honor. Last week I kept you up to date on Sweet Cake Part 1 and Sweet Cake Part 2 (which you can find in Recent Posts) and I told you I’d show you my finished cake. Well I must say it looked awesome! Not only did it look fantastic, it tasted pretty great too. The highlight of the shower was seeing everyone. I saw my family and old friends. When I say old I mean my high school friends. Gee its been 4 years since I graduated from Sequoyah..ek thats a long time! Anyway I saw my mom’s side of family and my dad’s. The shower was so much fun, everyone had a great time. The only sad thing was I didn’t take enough pictures! I only took some of my cake and the little girls. I am terrible with things like that. I get so caught up and forget to capture the moments. But Anne-Marie who hosted the grand shower took all the photos. She is a great hostess!

Here is the table centerpiece (just kidding). The cake turned out like I said awesome! I love it. It blended right in, but also stood out. The flower was the talk of the cake, no one could believe I made that. But, what can I say? Its my passion. Here is a close up on that gorgeous flower!

Love. LOVE.

I did take some photos of the presents. Now, everyone showed up who was invited. That means everyone brought gifts. 20 ladies, tons of gifts. Nothing else to say. I did get great gifts! A lot from our registry and some personal gifts that I love too. I’ll show you some the presents, along with the huge pile that still sits in my living room.

Thats it in a tight pile, this is the hot mess that night.

Oh yeah, its pretty great.

This might be my favorite thing. Anne-Marie created this beautiful collage of Zach and I (she even snuck in one of my cakes hehe) and had everyone write what marriage meant to them in one word, its so beautiful and I absolutely adore it.

This is me and my personalized koozie and apron! They say Mrs. Nebel. I die. Love it!

All in all I had a great time. I got to see my mom, family, and friends. What else could I ask for? The Lord has blessed me with a lot of great people who care for me and my happiness. I am truly blessed.


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