21 Days Later

So today this post is coming to you from North Georgia. Today is the end of my 21 Day Yoga Challenge. Sadly I only did 2 posts about it, only because I had a lot more going on that I felt needed to be shared. I did however do yoga (almost) everyday. I slacked off a little bit last week due to my wedding shower cake. Thats a bad excuse, but hey I was too happy stuffing my face with extra cake and not worrying about my yoga. Along with that I have had a major stress induced wedding problem for the past 2 weeks and I honestly wish yoga would of cured my frustration and I could felt at ease everyday, but that didn’t and wasn’t going to happen. There I said it.

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I did aim for 10 minutes at least during the time, and occasionally went up to an hour a day. The general time was 30 minutes. Doing yoga after my morning runs was the best. It felt amazing to stretch out and feel my body warp into a fine tuned machine. Just kidding. It just felt good to stretch my calf muscles.

The only thing I really seem to notice a change is in my arms, they are a little firmer and not aching during a morning run. Also, my legs aren’t feeling like lead after a good 3 miles and my breathing is much better. One thing I didn’t like about all of this was wondering if I was actually doing the positions properly. I like going to class and having someone adjust your body into the correct position.

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All in all it was a good way to get a new exercise into my daily workouts. I probably will keep doing yoga, just not everyday. Perhaps on the off days of my running schedule.

Oh, and I still cannot touch my toes in a downward bend. I think my arms are too short.


2 thoughts on “21 Days Later

  1. kellsbells1008 says:

    Haha! I can’t touch my toes either 😦 I have never been a very flexible person but yoga is so much fun and it helps your flexibility I have noticed! And I agree much better with an instructor.

  2. Brooke says:

    Lol! Glad I’m not alone on this. Yeah I definitely think if you want to get better at it, you should go to a class. Doing it at home is an easy way not to do it.

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