Sweet Cake Part 2

So I told you I’d keep you up to date on this wedding shower cake. My wedding shower cake! I am so excited to see everyone on Sunday. My good friends and good family. So happy. To share my happiness with everyone attending I thought I’d bake my shower cake. Good opportunity to show off my skills (or at least the ones I have so far which means a  fondant covered cake and sugar flower). Alrighty lets go!

Thursday was oh so yummy delicious cake day. This one made my house smell so warm and vanilla-y. I love a good gorgeous batter to start the day off right.

Friday  was my get to it day. I filled my cakes and coated them in the nice Swiss Meringue buttercream I made earlier this week. I haven’t used that buttercream in months and I forgot how different it is to use. I definitely got frustrated at the first couple of coats, but man the turn out was fab. I waited an hour in between the crumb and final coat and then 2 hours to cover the cakes in fondant.

That cutie is my little top tier to my shower cake. Its a smooth little piece of heaven. And I was very happy with my result. As you can tell from the color its a very wedding shower appropriate shade of pink. Will make my white sugar flower pop!

That is my bottom tier, a bigger but still small cake. If you’re curious as to why there isn’t something like a board underneath, well there actually is. I wanted my cake to look flush on the vintage cake stand I got a couple of weeks ago. I thought it would be a nice touch, so I simply had a cake board the size of the bottom tier and covered the cake like any other one. The rim of the cake board is covered and hidden. Neat, huh? Probably not, but I simply love it.

Ta-da! My cakes are done, thank goodness. Very happy. All is done for now, but there is the best part left which is decorating the cake! That is for Sunday.

This photo cracks me up. The fruit of my labor.

Happy weekend!


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