Sweet Cake Part 1

This is a little glimpse into what I am doing this weekend. I’m having my wedding shower this weekend and I’m so excited! I get to head north and go back home and see not only family, but some really great old friends. To show how happy I am, I volunteered offered to do my own cake. This isn’t a big shocker to anyone, I guess they all figured I’d do it anyway since that is my job. So yes I am excited about this cake. I’m sure a lot of people do cakes, but none like this without experience. This will be the first post of the whole cake process. Stay with me, it only gets better!

First things first, my production schedule. I know, who makes this for themselves? Well I like to pretend its from my future bakery and its a client. I know. Its weird! Anyway as you can tell its an all week thing. No, it doesn’t have to be, but I have time and wanted to do other things.

Monday, I did make my gumpaste. First time making it at home, and it was a little scary in my mixer. But it survived so all is well. I only wanted to do one flower, but got to thinking I may want to do more so I can pick and choose. Ta-da! Various flower centers.

Tuesday. Oh Tuesday was special, buttercream day. There are many different ways (and types) of buttercream. I personally like the Swiss Meringue. Its light, fluffy and oh so delicious. To make it, thats another story. Its a long process. I started with my fresh egg whites and sugar. Its in a stainless steel bowl over a pot of boiling water. You must to this to dissolve the sugar. It takes a while. And I like my whisk.

Stage 2, whip the heck out of it! It makes a stiff peak and once you reach that, you add 5 sticks of butter! Yes 5, per mixer. Thats a lot. Doesn’t it look beautiful? Well maybe not right now, but it will.

Told you! Its gorgeous! I even shared it with Jennyfer from Orlando. Its so yummy, very vanilla. Zach kept eating it. Finally had to slap his hand away, I mean I love you, but I need all of this. I guarded my bowl.

Have I lost you yet? We’re still on Tuesday remember? So next came my flowers. Now I LOVE  to make flowers at the house, it give me practice and they look nice. Do I use the ones I make? No. I save them..ok I secretly hoard my sugar flowers. Don’t tell my secret. Well I started that big green center. Got super frustrated with the thing and stopped that one. So I went to the star center. This one was my challenge one, I’ve never done a wire per petal on a flower before so it was something new.

So this morning I was super excited to see my petals were all dry and I dove into putting it together. The result? Something awesome! Its probably the one I will be using, but I still have more flowers to finish. I really don’t want to, but hey I already made the centers might as well finish them.

I had to start with the side shot, didn’t want to give away all the details! Just kidding. As you can tell its big. Not super big, but big.

Pow! 🙂 needless to say, I love it. Can’t you tell? Its big. Its gorgeous. Its my first time doing that! I love big sugar flowers, I find them to look the best. Gave myself a pat on the back for this one. So happy to place it on my cake.

Now I know this is super long post, but I hope you enjoyed my process. Remember! This is one part of it. There will be more on me putting the cake together and then final decoration (at my shower).

Thanks for stopping by!


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