SmartCoach Love

I am hooked addicted to Runner’s World Smart Coach. The training program is fantastic! Its just genius, why didn’t I start this before?! I love a good training program, throw me something new and most likely I will try it. I may not like it, and get annoyed and stop it. This one, stole my running heart. Not only does it offer a full 16 week training program (16 weeks is a great; it gives you time to fully develop a good amount of miles) but it gives you a variety of run’s. For instance you pick your last race time, the distance, how much you want to run (your goal) and how much your run per week. It calculates in some magical way and viola! Your personal plan is ready. I had my first dose of the plan on Friday morning.

It was an easy run, 2 miles at a 15 min pace. Now I can’t run that slow, trust me I try! I’d love a good easy breezy run at that pace. I managed to stay at 12 minutes (which was still super slow and slightly annoying) and before I knew it, my first mile was done. I felt great, ready for the next one. So I managed to pick up the pace a little bit, to about 11:15 and bam! Mile 2 done. It was one of the best run I’ve had in a long time. I loved my 4 miler this week, but I didn’t feel this at ease like I did Friday. It went by so fast, I wasn’t out of breath, or dying of thirst (good thing, I forgot my water) and my legs felt fine, which is great because I didn’t run with my knee sleeve! First time since June.

I am in love with this new program, its easy (and free!) and you can get the app on your phone. I also use RunKeeper to track my pace, distance, and calories burned. With the two combined, my runs are going to be glorious. Also for the first week, I’m just running 2 milers, which are fine with me. Its too humid in the mornings. But trust me, the distance will pick up. My morning mantra is simple, “pavement I will own you.”

Have a great weekend!


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