Checking In

So how is everyone doing today? Hopefully swell. As you know last week I confessed I was starting a 21 Day Challenge on yoga. True to form, I’ve been doing it everyday. I know its only been a week and a half, but still finding a reasonable time to do it is a challenge in its self. We’re going on Day 11 and so far I can definitely feel a difference in my arms. Man they are constantly sore. My Downward Dog is getting pretty good too, I can already tell a big change in my calf muscles being more flexible. All of this is good news, considering I am a runner who needs to stretch to prevent injuries. The last time I stretched this intense I in fact injured my left lateral hamstring tendon and was out for almost a month. Stretching is good though, it helps in so many more ways than just being more flexible. There are fewer leg cramps, and my arms aren’t dying when I hit the 3 mile mark on my morning runs. I’m just seeing a great improvement on everything! I hope this intrigues you to start some yoga and see the benefits that are waiting for you!

*This photo was taken by my great fiancé . He thought this was a great photo opt, thanks babe.


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