4 Mile Mark

This morning I hit my mile mark. Lately I’ve been really frustrated with my runs. I have’t been enjoying them like I usually do. But this morning was different. Now I know it’s a low number, but it’s been FOREVER since I ran 4 miles straight. I wasn’t feeling great this morning so I assumed I’d do about 2.5 maybe push 3, but something was really pushing me within. I felt this power like never before. Maybe it was God answering my prayers about being with me during my runs or Him saying “You can do this.” Whatever it might if been it was amazing! My legs were carrying me through new paths, I finally ventured off my normal route and went South along Wild Heron. I ran through a different neighborhood and was pleasantly surprised by what I saw. Shade! It was marvelous. I kept on my new path and felt a protection following me. This morning was a great one, and I’m so happy with the Lord for answering my prayers and getting me back to where I was before my injury. Here is one happy girl!



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