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Wedding Band Confusion

Today Zach and I picked out and ordered our wedding bands! So excited! But it was a long and intense process, well at least on my part. Zach easily picked out which one he wanted. Me on the other hand (literally) had to chose between 2 rings. I’ve been looking at them for weeks, deciding which one I’d want to wear forever. But I narrowed it down to 2 and still couldn’t pick. I asked everyone (thats my mom, Zach, and my dad…yes everyone) and they all said the same thing! “Both are nice, which one do you like best?” Um hello?! If I knew that I wouldn’t be harassing you on the subject. I got pretty snotty and felt awful for my attitude. Why must I get so mad at them and its not their fault I can’t pick? God talked to me. He graced his wisdom in my ear and said, “They will forgive.” And they did. My parents both understood my frustration. And as did Zach, he is so gracious with me sometimes.

I want this band to reflect on not only me, but Zach. Its my wedding band, but its to symbolize us. This ring is my solemn vow to him, to say “I’m your wife.” But I guess I was the only one taking this really seriously, because Zach picked his in like 2 minutes. Not gonna lie, I was a really ticked off. I looked at him and said, “Hey? You sure you want that one? You didn’t try any others on.” And his answer, “I like that one, so its the one I want.” Why must men make things so easy? I just don’t get it. Zach clearly was tickled by my attitude and said, “I’m sorry baby, you will pick the one you want next, it will be clear.” You know what? It was. A little bit.

I told the nice lady which ones I was looking for and she brought them out. I tried one on and then the next, and then with my engagement ring and then separate again. This went on for maybe 30 minutes. I took pictures, sent them out and kept second guessing myself. Finally, I picked one. FINALLY! I love my ring. I really do. Its beautiful. Without much help from Zach, I picked it on my own. I went with my gut (and heart) and it just became clear.

Did you have a hard time picking out your ring? What did you eventually pick?

Happy Saturday!


4 thoughts on “Wedding Band Confusion”

  1. It was so hard for me to pick one because my ring is so unusual that it felt like NOTHING looked good with it. I just went with a band of tiny diamonds…hoping it looks good after sizing!

    1. I totally understand! See mine is a simple Tiffany setting and I almost went with a crazy style, but after seeing it with my engagement ring I knew it wouldn’t work. I too went with a similar band. It’s hard to pick though, it’s forever lol. And I’m sure your ring will look beautiful! Sizing shouldn’t change the beauty of it 🙂

  2. I had a very hard time, Brooke! The band of my engagement ring is pretty “different” and it was very hard to find anything that went with it. I knew I didn’t want anything “matchy”, but it was hard finding anything that even fit! I finally settled on one (after a long trip at the store, haha!) and couldn’t be happier. I know you will love yours!!

    1. Thanks Katie! Your engagement ring is gorgeous by the way! I understand what you mean, I didn’t want something that looked like it fit right with the ring, but wanted it to look classy. I’m ready for it to be in! I want to try it on again and wear it like I’m married haha!

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