Power Out

After an intense run this morning I figured I’d share whats been going on here in Savannah. As exciting as it’s not (joke) my runs are 100% back to normal, good news. Still dealing with knee pain, but its not near as bad, plus with a 30 minute icing afterwards the pain is gone, all day! So here is whats going on this week; work is going well and my workouts are getting better. I’m trying to incorporate more training than just running. For one, the heat right now is making it unpleasant to run and I’m only getting half of what I need to in. So really focusing on more yoga, strength training, and speedwork. But there are a couple of more things that happened this week. Like an awful thunderstorm Monday that took out a tree in our backyard. Our power went out and we were left in the dark with some hungry tummies. So what do normal couples do when the power is out and its dinner time? Head out a get food. What do Zach and I do? We eat at the mall. Oh yes, it was awesome! Here is my dinner

Oh yummness! Shrimp teriyaki with veggies and fried rice. Doesn’t that look like the most delicious mall food ever? Probably not lol. But all was well when we returned home, power back on and two happy young adults.

So do you have a question about speedwork, like what the heck is she talking about? Well speedwork is increasing your speed for a short burst in between your times. Like sprinting, and it can really take a toll on your joints, I can only do it twice a week and for a period of 10 minutes. Here is what I do:

Warm up- 5 minutes of walking

Easy run- 8 minutes at 11 min. pace

Speedwork- 5 minutes at 7 min. pace

Easy run- 10 minutes at 10 min. pace

Speedwork- 5 minutes at 6:45 min. pace 

Cool down- 5 minutes of walking

Seems easy right? Well its taken me a while to get even to there, I should be capable of doing more and more frequently, but after just one run like that my knees are dying. And I am too. But speedwork trains your muscles to get more power, so its like powering out. You want to feel tired, you want to be out of breath. That means your muscles are working, hard, and that you are actually re-training them.

So why don’t you try some speedwork in your next run, just try shaving off a 1 minute from your current pace and maybe run at that speed for 2 minutes. Its all up to you and your capabilities, DO NOT OVER DO IT. Remember, that sequence above is something I can do, and thats tough for me. Start out slow, and work your way up.

Also! If you have a Kroger around you, you should try these…

They are delicious! Plus, zero calories, sugar, and sodium. All good and then some with vitamins and antioxidants.  So pick some up, they come in 8 flavors I think, I might be rounding too high.

Happy Thursday!


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