21 Day Challenge

There have been a lot of wedding posts, like a ton so I figured I’d fill you in whats going on in my fitness life. Well due to the crazy heat that will not go away my runs have been lacking. I get tired too fast, my legs ache as soon as I hit the pavement, and the heat is making every mile impossible. I’m keeping track of what times I go out so I know not to run at that time again, (its hot even at 7 am) but more importantly keeping hydrated is my biggest problem. Every runner is different, for me I like to get one bottle of water in at least 30 minutes before my run and then take one with me. Lately I’ve been holding off my sips worried I’ll run out before the end of my run. When its time for a cool down I have about half of my water left. I’m not taking enough in, but with the heat and humidity water isn’t what I want. Also when I’m starting off my legs are super stiff, right behind the knees. Plus, my shins hurt. Thats a lot of whining isn’t it? Well I’ll stop.

So whats the 21 Day Challenge you ask? Well let me tell ya. On reading one my favorite blogs, a blogger is doing a yoga challenge. I missed the start date so I figured I could do it whenever I wanted, like say now. Its a 21 day yoga challenge. I need some yoga in my life, one it prevents future injuries and helps heal present ones. And being more flexible is an advantage for runners, your muscles are less likely to tire out fast. The challenge is doing yoga everyday, whether it be for 10 minutes or 90 minutes, just make sure you hit the mat everyday. Why 21 days? Well its been said that it takes 21 days to break a habit, or 21 days to get a new habit. Yoga is one healthy habit to have so I’ll take it.

Luckily I’m not doing it alone. My good friend Brittney is doing it too. Now Brittney is an triathlete. She kills it on the swim, bike, run where I can only run. We have our first race together in December (a 10K) and its fun to have another thing in common, like yoga. So if you are interested in doing it, start today! There are tons of yoga podcasts and free videos on demand.

Happy Tuesday! Do some yoga today!


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