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Wedding Crafts

Let me make this statement, because no one will believe me. I AM IN LOVE WITH DOING DIY WEDDING PROJECTS! Yes, read it again if you do not believe me. I am enjoying this more than any other aspect of our wedding. I mean its super cheap (and I believe in cheap) and its more sentimental. We wanted our wedding to be us in all ways possible. And us is cozy. So another way of cutting the cost so we can get more stuff from the flea market, which is my other addition, is by making more crafts. Like Saturday I did our table numbers. I found a cute template online and browsed the web to find a way to make them hang from the centerpieces. Ok I lied, I hunted down stores on Etsy. My favorite online store of almost everything. Came across a store which offered a personalized ribbon, which we picked “I love you” because indeed Zach and I love each other. I guess thats a big shocker, lol. While shopping a particular store I came across another great find! Something else for our centerpieces. So without more waiting because I’m sure you like, “come on I wanna see some pictures!”

Aren’t they cute? Well I seem to think so, because Zach keeps saying everything is my style. I keep saying thank you. The whole thing cost me less than $5! Numbers-free, ribbon-$4.50. Score! Seriously I couldn’t be more pleased. So there is another great shot of the beautiful ribbon, enjoy it with a big grin on your face!

Beautiful. Are you starting to get an idea of how our wedding is turning out? I know it seems scattered, but its the pieces that put it all together. Or thats what I keep telling myself. And here is the feather that will be placed in an all white frame with white mat, but I didn’t have that so I used what was closest to me on the floor…

This is Zach’s favorite thing so far. He really, really likes it. I do too! Its understated, romantic, and oh so fabulous. I’m still waiting on a couple of things to come in the mail, but with what we have and what we got yesterday I can just see my tables looking exactly how I picture them. I’m taking full advantage of this whole DIY/budget beautiful wedding. Just wish it would get here!


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