Wedding Planning

Flea Market Success

So once again Zach and I hit up the flea market here in Savannah. To say this one is interesting is an understatement. But with all kindness aside, they are not very negotiable. So with that in mind, lets gather and listen to what went down. To start off my interesting morning I went out on a little 20 minute run, now I ran at 9 am this morning. I also ran a short time and distance. This is what happened to me..

Isn’t that sexy? Its Zach’s favorite look on me HA! I can’t believe the heat, I swear its just going to stay this way and fall is never coming. Lets just say all Zach was, “Are you going to shower? Please say yes.” Wow, thanks babe. He didn’t ask how my run went, or how was my knee holding up. Just pretty much said, “you’re smelly and gross, please bathe.” Oh yes, he loves me.

On to the next adventure. The Keller Flea Market. Now if you can recall, we found some pretty awesome items for our centerpieces, there are featured in this post here. With those items in mind we set off for some similar findings. We were hunting looking for vintage tins, old glass bottles, vintage frames, and some other girly romantic dishes, such as candy dishes, etc. I’d say thats a pretty good list of well deserved treasure that needs to be in our reception decor. You really have to look and dig to find what you’re looking for. I was the only doing that part, Zach was just my body-guard (which is fine, they are some shady characters there).

We found some good things today, not a lot like I really hoping for. The biggest find for me was the vintage milk glass candy dish. For one, I bargained my way down from $18 to $8! Then we found another birdcage. Its not classic like the other one, but still really interesting. Then I hit a slump. I couldn’t find anything. I mean we kept re-visting vendors and digging through “junk” over and over. I just gave up, it was hot and I was sweating and looking like a hot mess. Zach simple asked if I wanted to go home, and I surrendered. I was more then ready, but on the way out we went through more vendors and I saw them. I was stoked. I pretty much bolted to the guy and asked, “how much are your Mason jars?” His answer..get ready! “$3 each.” Holy cow! Thank you Lord! “I’ll take all 3 please.” Woo to the hoo! I was sooo excited, like a kid on Christmas. You know how much those go for? A range from $15-$40..for a Mason jar. Crazy right? Well we had a successful trip, like I said I really wish we found more stuff, but we have stuff here. I can use my tea cups if I need to and we have enough to spread over the tables. Well here are the photos of our finds, enjoy!


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