My New Last Name…Kinda

Yesterday I got my very exciting present (to myself).  Now I know its a little early to be getting carried away with such a matter, but I can’t help myself! To change my last name is a big deal to me, I’m preparing myself for the day I get my new license, SS card, etc. To lose my maiden name feels like a small part of me will be missing. Now I’ll always be an Ogletree, thats nothing new. But legally, I won’t be her anymore, I won’t be Brooke Ogletree…I’ll be somebody else. I think one of the most romantic things about getting married is sharing something so special. Its the thing that combines you as one. I mean, its going to be your children’s name. (No kiddies for a very long time by the way). So regardless of how I feel now, I was way excited about my new gift! Its the first official thing with my future last name. Here it is:

Its something small, but its something with a “N” and I love it. I got it here on Etsy. She has tons of things to be monogrammed. So although its something like a purse, its still a big step to me.

So remember yesterday how I did the DIY Bride post? Well since I had nothing to do I decided to finish my other bunting banner. No working photos today, but I do have the finished product. Again, all DIY. Saving those pennies for peonies.

Now, its a lot brighter in the photo. I had to boost it so you can actually see it. Its fairly pale, but its adorable! I like it, its something to take up that huge mantel space. So we have two DIY decor projects down, now just finishing up the rest is another story for another day.

So question, how did you feel about changing your last name? Were you excited, anxious, or a little sad?

Happy Saturday!


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