DIY Bride

Yesterday was so long it seems, I dealt with a hot run, a cranky fiance who forgot his lunch, and people calling about the red Bimmer. So with all this chaotic craziness I decided to finally tackle some of our wedding projects. Zach and I have a limited budget, which is fine with us. Our student loans and rent are enough to empty our wallets so looking and finding ways to cut cost is always great. One way of cutting our wedding cost is doing some DIY! We I picked certain projects that would fit in, so mostly kitchy-garden vintage romance. Sounds lovely now, eh? Well here are a couple of things I did yesterday…

Some place cards I found on one of my favorite bridal blogs, Ruffled. They are cutesy-home-made which fit in. So Step 1) printed them out on some cardstock, Step 2) got my xacto knife and ruler to make super clean cuts.

Aw, Bride and Groom! So far so good, just a simple pink pen to write our guests name in the middle. I did two different colors, soft blue and peach. Here is a shot of my sad little work space…

FYI that is a FedEx box that I’m using, on my lap. I don’t have any clear space or anything that is thick enough to stand up to the xacto knife. Simple box works well.

Finished! It took me longer than I planned, a good 2 hours. But I actually messed up a couple, I tend to write very large and was running out of room. Oops! But I love them, its a good DIY project.

The other day I was also finishing up another DIY project, one of the two “bunting banners.” We have a large space to fill in the room our reception is taking place in, so I figured one way to cut off all the pine was to make a banner. One is “Just Married” and the second is for the balcony which reads “I Love You.” I’ve only completed one, but will soon tackle the second! Here is a photo..enjoy!

I like it! Its a little whimsy, a little home-made vintage. Looks like something you’d see on a outing in the garden for a tea party. We’re getting crafty here in Savannah! Hard to believe it will all come together in 2 months.

Happy Friday!


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