100° Run

As you can tell from that glorious title, I did in fact do my run in 100 degrees. Uh! Lets back track shall we? Well I wasn’t going to run, I actually skipped out on my alarm this morning and opted out to sleep in 🙂 well waking up at 9 and seeing it was sunny I was thinking, “Yep, ain’t gonna happen.” Felt fine with that decision. So after waking and lounging and seeing nothing was on TV, I decided to get on my Mac and browse some blogs. Well I came across one of my high school classmates’ blog, which you can find here Faith and Funfetti and saw she actually woke up earlier then she wanted and went running! Then I went to my favorite blog, Healthy Tipping Point and saw she posted a picture of herself pouring water on herself after a hot run. See where this is going? Everything was pointing to me getting off my butt and going outside. So without even checking the weather (how not smart is that?) I fueled up!

Odwalla Red Rhapsody, some PB & toast, and Clif Shot Blok’s. Protein max breakfast…and it was probably too much to eat, but since I knew it was going to be killer outside I had to eat a little more. So after eating and getting my energy up I went outside. Immediately I felt the wave of uncomfortable heat. I started out my run SUPER slow, why? I didn’t want to die in the heat! Second, my breakfast was heavy, so I wanted to be careful. At 8 minutes in, my pace was good..8:43 and I stopped for some water. Then at that moment a dog came charging at me! At first I was concerned, it was so hot this dog was out lose and he didn’t have a tag! Then the owner was running after him, but then the dog was still chasing me. It was really annoying. I was worried it would randomly attack my heels and then I’d be screwed out of running for a really long time. I wonder why I think of things like that? So I went back to my music and ran for another 8 minutes. I couldn’t go much further, my body was aching and I was out of water. I started to cramp up due to being dehydrated (already) and so I ran/walked back to the house.

I checked the weather when I got in, it was intense.

Heat index of 104°! Oh my gosh! I was thinking, “no wonder I felt like I was dying!” Needless to say I learned my lesson, do not ignore my alarm anymore. Get up on my scheduled time so I’m not dying when its 11 am. I’m not too upset about my time, it could of been better, could of been a lot longer. I only ran 2.4 miles..ugh!

I’m more than ready for this heat to be gone! Where is fall? It needs to come ASAP.

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