Kick in The Butt

I needed a good kick in the you know what yesterday. Here is why, yesterday I was out driving around Savannah getting my errands done (aren’t those fun on your days off?) and after hitting my stops I realized the time and said out loud (I always talk to myself when in shock),” Holy cow [PG-ing it right there] I haven’t eaten lunch!” Although I was still 30 minutes away from the house I waited till I was literally 5 minutes from our home to stop and pick up lunch. I could of picked a healthier lunch at Fresh Market which was around me at the time, or you know something organic downtown. Nope, I waited till I was almost home to stop and get…Sonic. Never had I wanted it so bad. Something about the sneaky, unhealthy way of getting it was appealing to me. Why? Who knows, but man I waited in the drive-thru line what felt like forever and the whole time I was thinking I could be home right now. Right now, eating my left-overs from dinner. So I couldn’t even stop myself from eating all the tots before I got in my drive-way. How gross is this sounding? Let me know when to stop lol. I got in the house and threw my bags down, which I think made my dish soap open and leak all in the bag..oops. Anyway! I devoured my Chicago dog and gulped my Diet Coke all in one sip. Not even 10 minutes later I felt sick. In my head it was like two battles, “who is this girl?! what is she feeding me?” and another part going, “you’re on vacation! eat that hot dog with no remorse!” See what I’m saying? I was so torn when picking my lunch. But the healthier me, the smarter me was right all along. I shouldn’t of eaten that chemical induced lunch. I felt so sluggish and just gross.

So today I ate a healthy, whole-wheat pasta salad. I’ve been drinking so much water. Then, there came the sweet cravings. I ate this..  

Laffy Taffy! It was just what I wanted. Healthy? No. Delicious? Yes! It was enough to make me happy, until I saw the calories. 150 for that gooey-deliciousness. Ek! I was thinking maybe like 90, but not over 125. So guess who is having health kick remorse? You guessed I need to find a healthier, sweet snack. The problem I have with them is the ingredients. Organic anything is more costly, but it has its benefits. When you’re broke and planning a wedding on your own you have to pinch every penny. So besides cost, its although I went to a culinary school, and yes I am a Pastry Chef..I really don’t enjoy baking. News shocker there! I enjoy decorating, the whole other aspect of a Pastry Chef.

So my health kick for tomorrow is figuring out a way to get my sweet snack without the overload of calories, sugar, and sodium. That takes all the fun out of a sweet treat! 😉


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