What’s New?

Planning a wedding is a daunting thing. Its like everyday there is something new that you think of and it has to be done. Ugh. Its so freaking stressful! Like this week we sent out our Save the Dates and picking out a envelope color to match was making me freak. Zach could of cared less. I drug him to Michaels to pick out a pen color that would pop on the envelopes. Who does that to their poor fiance? It probably was an hour of his time wasted, oops. Well besides that, things are going a little more smooth. Oh except our wedding bands. We went to look this weekend and when we told them our wedding date, we got looks like, “What the hell did you wait so long for?!” Of course no one said that, but it was clear on their faces! Zach and I are slacking.

One way I’m getting through this is focusing on my health. I’m trying to take it easy on the running, but you know that isn’t working. I cannot not run this week. I have all this time to rest, but I’m overwhelmed with stress that I need to release it in a healthy way. I’m taking it slow, really slow. I even promised Zach I wouldn’t run today, but I couldn’t pass up the weather this morning! It was cloudy, not as humid and not 110 degrees.

Ignore those boxes in the background, we’re still getting wedding stuff in; I tried to blur them out*

Oh and the run this morning was powered by my Clif Shot Bloks. First time eating the strawberry flavor, and gag. They were so gross! They all are a little nasty, but the smell was overpowering and it was just…yuck. I’m sticking to my margarita flavored chews…yum!

Have a good Monday!

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