So lately I’ve been posting about wedding stuff, mostly my wedding stress. Along with that stress I’ve posted about me trying to get back to my running. I feel I have been lost in all of this. While I’m off for work vacation I’m not only using this time to get major stuff done, I’m using it to get my relationship back on track with God. Over the last couple of nights I’ve really been slacking off in the prayer department. Now, I’ve never been a great prayer-er. And I really hope that’s a word. Anyway, like my off-track mishap above my prayers are like that too. Which are a hot random mess. I always try to think of how my dad prays, his are always so fluent and smooth. His are a transition from asking to thanking to forgiving. Mine are a jumbled mess. It goes along the lines of thanking, asking, thanking, talking, forgiving, talking, my conclusion, and then I forget something so I tend to ask again. Sometimes I’m so tired I fall asleep in the middle of a prayer and I quickly wake up and finish it. I’m telling you, I’m awful at this. Which makes me very sad. How can you get lost in prayer? It makes me feel hopeless, like I’m in a rocky relationship with the Lord. I want to get closer to Him. But I feel I’m going in the wrong way of doing so. So like I said I’m using my time off to really focus on this and reflect on my habits. Maybe this is what I needed. He knew I was having a hard time and I needed some R&R with Him.

Have you ever had this feeling? I’m curious if it’s a cycle that reoccurs when you’re struggling with your personal life.


I found this on Pinterest and since then its been on my mind. Its a reminder He is here, in all things I need.


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