Wedding Planning

Save the Date

Wedding update, Zach and I finally decided on a design for our Save the Dates and Invitations. We found a lovely shop on Etsy, and with a little communication we picked the colors, design, etc. So last night at 10:40 I got the email that ours were ready and just needed to be approved. I immediately emailed her from my iPhone and said, “Yes! They’re beautiful. I love ,love, love them!” So this morning I checked my emails and got the file to go ahead and print our gorgeous save the dates. I chose to order my prints through Shutterfly because I really like the quality of matte paper they use. How easy is that though? I was so happy to find someone who designed them, but allowed us to print as many as we need. Handy and awesome! Score! So here are the save the dates that should arrive to my door next week…I love them! So happy with the product, and I must say they are the most beautiful ones I’ve seen in a long time. Yay wedding stuff!

Oh and remember how I mentioned we went to the flea market? Well we found vintage items for our reception centerpieces. Here is a little snap of what we plan on doing…

So happy…so so so happy.  I love the mix-match colors and textures. More of that will be found and seen in the next couple of weeks. And wondering what kind of white flowers those are? Well they are some of my gum paste flowers I worked on a while back when we still lived in Orlando. Had to make the idea real with something.

I’m one excited bride-to-be. Now, off for a quick walk/run in the rain.


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