10 Personal Questions

After our mid-morning/afternoon trip to the flea market, Zach and I cleaned the house. Boring. And since its so freaking hot outside we decided to play games. Well I remember the 10 Personal Questions from my favorite blog the Healthy Tipping Point. I decided we would ask and answer for each other and it was actually fun and funny as to what we answered. Had to keep it PG 😉 so here ya go!

What do you have on your bedside table?

Brooke- Our alarm clock, my engagement ring and box, 3 Vogue’s, my iPhone, and a hair tie.

Zach- My iPhone, earplugs, and Afrin. (Side note: The earplugs were his habit BEFORE we met).

Do you have a tattoo?

Brooke- Yes, 5 actually. Only is visible everyday and its the butterfly on my foot. The rest are on my hips, and back. I want one covered up ASAP.

Zach- I have the Sublime sun on my back, its from the 40 oz to Freedom cd cover.

Do you believe in abstinence prior to marriage?

Brooke- Touchy. I don’t really like this question. I do believe in it. Its in my religion to stay away from sex until you are married. I do think its up to the person though, I cannot say what is right for another person. But it was not right for me.

Zach- No, but I understand the reason behind it.

What is your worst habit?

Brooke- Picking my lips when they’re dry. I don’t even know I’m doing it. Its gross.

Zach- Smoking.

How do you handle finances in your relationship?  Or, how would you like to handle money in your future relationship?

From both of us, we have separate accounts. One day we will open a joint account. For now our plan works for us. Zach pays for rent and his expenses whatever they may be. I pay for our bills and my expenses. We share grocery trips and dining out.

If you could change your name, what would you change it to?

Brooke- I love the name Yeardley. No one else does, but its pronounced Yard-ly.

Zach- I’d change Zachary to Zachariah. I’d still go by Zach.

Where do you want to go on your next vacation?

Brooke- I’d hope it would be our honeymoon and I want to go to St. Lucia.

Zach- Europe or Hawaii.

What is one political cause you feel strongly about?

Brooke- Making our nation realize how unhealthy it really is. We need better, healthier school lunches and more education on how to live a healthy lifestyle.

Zach- Helping those coming out of addiction and getting their lives back on track.

Have you ever stolen anything?

Brooke- Silly Putty from Bi-Low. My mom made me take it back, but they let me keep it.

Zach- From a store? No.

Tell us something embarrassing about yourself.

Brooke- I have two pairs of running shorts. I run twice in each pair before I wash them. The thing is they stink. Its so gross lol! But I use one pair, switch to the others and then wash both.

Zach- I don’t have one 🙂


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