He Said What?!

Thats one grabby attention getter title if I do say so myself. Well, its a big news shocker to me…its from my doctor, well my physical therapist. Due to my never-ending knee pain and tendon tear, if I want to run again I have to…RUN! “Milk-a-what?!” Was going through my head when I was told this information. It didn’t make much sense to me at the time so I kept asking what exactly he meant and he kept repeating the same sentences over. Get this, in order to strengthen my knee it has to be aggravated. Muscles tear in order to rebuild stronger muscles. Thats a typical statement and I already knew that, but what I didn’t know is aggravating an injured muscle is the only way to heal and rebuild. Heres what I have to deal: running for 90 seconds in between 3 minutes of walking and repeat 4 times. I told him no, I can’t even jog to my mailbox with wanting to scream and he said, “well then you will give up running, ok?” No, not ok! It came as a shock hearing him say, “well you need to get used to the pain, it will never go 100% away unless you have corrective surgery (never happenin’) and it will not damage the tear further if you do this correctly and build up your distance and strength.” *NOTE: This is what MY physical therapist said, it is directed to work for me, if you are having pains contact YOUR doctor and see what he/she recommends. So apparently in between spurts will do me good, here is the thing…I’m really scared to do that. I ran 2 miles thinking I was fine and then ran another 1.5 a day later and was ready to call someone to pick me up because I didn’t want any weight on my leg. The thought alone makes me want to hide. Am I really ready for this? Its only a minute and a half, but what will that do? (I’m sure its not horrific, but ya never know!)

It does make sense now that I keep telling myself what he said, and even Zach agrees. My knee has to get used to this, its going to get stronger and healthier. Also, I have to do more yoga to prevent future injuries along with the R.I.C.E. method. Its going to be a long time before I can run my 3-4 miles in the morning without problems, but it will happen again.


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