Wedding Stress

This is a wedding planning blog remember?  I haven’t lost track of the sole purpose of my blog, I’ve just been avoiding it. This morning I have spent the first two hours of waking up dealing with my vendor people. I think I am the only bride-to-be who doesn’t enjoy planning her own wedding. I’m sure it sounds like a lot of whining, but to me its just venting. This is quite possibly the most stressful thing that will ever happen in my life. And guess who is as cool as a cucumber? Yep, Zach. I swear he is so happy-go-lucky with this whole shebang. So I’m left with stressing over every last detail of our wedding. I’ve always wanted an easy breezy intimate wedding and who would of thought a small wedding would cause so much stress? I guess its because I want the best of the best. I’m not ready to get some mediocre vendors. I want the luxury vendors. I mean come on who else can really say they had the Officiant who married Mandy Moore? (which by the way, is so awesome!) So is it wrong plan a champagne wedding on a beer taste? Well no, not to me. I’m not really going against our budget, thankfully having a small wedding does have its benefits. A lot of the people I’m dealing with do offer discounted prices for a small ceremony and reception. Score! But thats the only good thing I see out of this.

Dealing with a seating chart and making sure no one will get upset where I put them, which most likely will happen because my family is a circus, is causing panic attacks. On top of that I am freaking out about the rest of my check-list. Zach and I haven’t even booked our wedding night hotel room, which is funny because we could just come home…but everyone is telling us to explore our cities luxury hotels..its funny to me. Then there is getting the wedding rings, flowers, oh my goodness getting invitations out! And I cannot decide on some centerpieces, I think its because I want to do them and I can’t figure out what I really like, sounds like when I kept changing our wedding lol! I see a pattern…

What happened to that little girl playing with Barbies and planning their wedding? Barbie and Ken always seemed so happy when I married them. That little girl in now lost in a grown-up, real life wedding that she can’t seem to get a grip on. I need God to help me. I keep leaning on Him for support. I pray every night for the sanity I crave to get me through this. Like I wrote earlier, I’m trying to avoid this as much as possible. God is my Savior in all meanings of the word. He is saving me from my own destruction of my stress.

Why is wedding planning so hard?! Where is Barbie when I need her.

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