So who else is extremely happy its Friday? Trust me, all the gals (and John) at work are! We have a HUGE cake heading out tomorrow and I must say, its a beauty. Friday also means the workweek is almost over, which equals rest. And rest if what I need.

After my 2 mile run on Monday, I assumed my knee was healed so I headed out Wednesday morning and the pain was most definitely back..but silly stupid me didn’t stop. The pain wasn’t intense enough for me to stop (which is really dumb on my part, I mean I know what the pain is from so of course I should of stopped!) so I kept going. I did a fail run in my mind..only 1.5 miles. I just couldn’t run anymore. My problem is I get super antsy and I feel I need to run even when I shouldn’t. So now my knee is worse than ever before. Its a brutal pain, so absolutely no running until its 100% gone. Sigh…

Another amazing happened this week, it rained! Thankfully Savannah was granted with some wonderful, much-needed rain…and a really bad thunderstorm last night that was really scary. It sounded like bombs going off and it stayed around for a super long do I know? I didn’t sleep a wink. But all is good now 🙂

Happy Friday!


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