Best Weekend. Ever.

Get comfy, this is one long post. But as scary as that sounds, its a very great story. I will also include many of photos to make it more interesting. I had the best weekend in a long time. I got to head North to my hometown for my best friend’s baby shower, my Papa’s birthday, and my dad’s birthday. All that in 2 days. Whirl-wind weekend! Here we go! 

First off is my best friend Audrey’s baby shower. I was so excited to see her and her baby bump. I ventured off from Savannah at 9 am and got to Woodstock right at 1:30, forgot how small town it is there. Anyway I brought this beautiful, sweet little cake I adored making this! It was so special to me to make her a cake. I arrived to a beautiful, glowing mommy-to-be. We ate some yummy finger food, played baby trivia games (I was awful, I guess good news to Zach lol), and then opened presents…the best part!

That sweet little baby bag was my gift to her. Her Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag. She loved it, it was the best money I’ve spent in a long time. Also got some great shots of us together. But only one turned out lol! We are goofy.Isn’t she a beautiful prego? Could hardly tell she was carrying a baby, not bad for being 31 weeks pregnant.  Then..I saw my Papa. He turned 85 Saturday and my Granny did not tell him so he was happily surprised! It was a great visit. Saturday night I hung out with my Mama at Marietta Diner, my favorite place back home! Thats my beautiful mom. We had a blast Saturday night, got back to her place and drank Chocolate Shop wine, it was delicious! She always picks the best wines. She also got to see me in my wedding dress. That was the icing on the cake to her best weekend with me. I do love my mom, she is so funny and caring. Then I spent Sunday with my dad for his 51 birthday. I also got to see my family, like my grandparents, aunt and uncle, and the cousins. Perfect lunch with my dad. I don’t know why I didn’t take any photos. Kinda sad I didn’t.

Then this morning…I ran. I ran for the first time in 2 weeks. Thats not a long time to some, but needless to say I was scared to run. For one I was worried it would be difficult. I figured it would take me a while to get in the groove. But it was good.

Got my knee sleeve on, was ready to go. I kept my pace really slow, my goal was to stay at 14:00 per mile, and my first 5 minutes were at 11:00…so without thinking I picked up the pace. It was actually going easy. Before I knew it I was at 9:12 per mile and about to hit the 1 mile mark…holy cow didn’t know that would be so easy! I kept praying to not have pain and I just listened to my music. When I turned to head back to the house I started to slow down, I was worried something was going to happen. But then I got to my 2 miles! In 21 minutes no less. AWESOME! I stopped to check my stats and couldn’t believe it. I immediately sat in the shade and stretched out my leg. I know, I look awesome after my runs. So beautiful..ha! I’m so beyond happy to know I can in fact run without severe pain, I can run for 2 straight miles after no running for 2 weeks. But with precaution I walked home…and did this for 30 minutes…Iced the knee. I did my physical therapy stretches and iced again. knee is sore. But not killing me, just irritated. Oh well..gotta deal with it.

But you know what, God healed me. I prayed every night for my leg to heal. I thanked Him for my health and my injury for making me realize I wasn’t stretching properly and taking time off actually made my legs stronger..they needed a break. But God also allowed me to have a great weekend. He was with me during my drive, with me while I enjoyed my precious time with friends and family. I am so thankful for my weekend. Heading home was a good cure for my running blues. The Lord knows what we need, and we just need to follow with our hearts to know what He needs us to do for Him.


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