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What good have you done today?

Although its hotter than heck down here in Savannah, I am still missing my daily runs. I enjoy the humidity and sweat early in the morning. I’m crazy, I know. But while I’m recovering from my torn tendon, I decided that when the time comes up for me to re-train I should actually make it worth something. So I spoke to a non-profit organization called Girls on the Run. They happily accepted my application and I am now a Running Buddy! Girls on the Run helps preteen girls develop healthy lifestyles, awesome self-esteem and self respect all through running. I love the idea of installing a way of healthy living in young children so they can keep with it and live a healthy life for many, many years. And how cool is it that if involves my favorite thing? A lot of people don’t understand the joy of running, I will admit there are days I want my run to be over with ASAP…but its the benefit that keeps me going. To learn to love something, especially a healthy hobby, is a great way to keep on the right track. We will meet twice a week for training and to talk about girly stuff, such as growing up, what to expect, etc. So that is my good for the day. I’m very excited. I get to start training with the girls in mid-September and we will train through December and they have a 5K at the end of the training season. A 5K for amazing young ladies! Oh and my old self 🙂

So other news is my knee is starting to hurt less, but I still can’t run yet. And! I get to travel to the Atlanta area this weekend to see my family. I cannot wait to see my mom, its also my best friends baby shower, my dad’s birthday, and thats about it. Hopefully it will be a fantastic weekend! I’m not sure if Zach is coming with me, its pretty much a girly weekend so who knows. So what are your plans for this weekend?


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