Nightly Prayer

Last night Zach and I had a discussion about our financial state as of right now. During that talk our wedding expenses came up and what we’ve planned is a little bigger than what we expected. To ask for more money for your wedding is not easy. Its actually the worst feeling you can think of. For something you should have already had finalized months ago when the chance was available and didn’t do it 100% is a kick in the ass. We have our ceremony location, reception location, and thats about it. We are MIA with a pastor, photographer, and hotel rooms for out-of-town guests. The hard thing is when the funds were there, and trust me a gracious father called my wonderful dad put all the funds in our account, no one was getting back to us. I mean for a month or two. During those months Zach and I had bills to pay, expenses to be taken care of, etc. Life got back to normal and over time our wedding funds were almost gone. So last night we went to bed and I was trying not to cry. So I was lost for a prayer to ask God just to make this feeling of being financially stuck to just go away. I didn’t ask for money to fall into our laps, I didn’t ask for something to magically happen. I simply asked for this yucky feeling to leave me and just be at peace that our money may be low for a couple of months until our wedding is done. So I found this prayer and repeated it with my own words to fill in the blanks, and here it is:

O my God, I thank you for all the gifts and graces of this day.
In particular, I acknowledge your goodness to me this day in…

My God, I am truly sorry for any sin in my life today:
for anything I have done against your will;
for anything you have willed and I have left undone.
In particular I ask your forgiveness for…

My God, I trustingly ask your blessing tonight
upon my family and loved ones;
upon anyone I have ever offended or who has ever offended me;
upon those who have fallen into temptation.
In particular, I ask your blessing upon…

May I awaken tomorrow to know, love
and serve you still another day.
Yet if it be your will to call me from this life tonight,
may I awake to the dawn of eternal happiness with you forever.
Into your hands, O Lord, I commend my spirit.

After repeating this prayer, I immediately felt some relief on my shoulders. I felt a sensation of someone saying, “it will be ok.” And I fell to sleep. Often we find ourselves asking and not thanking for what we have. I’ll admit it, I sometimes pray a selfish prayer. Its human nature to ask and why would it be different to ask our Lord and Savior?

God has a plan for Zach and I. I may not know what it is, but I know what I have to do to get this wedding finalized and that may be what God wants us to do. To get by from paycheck to paycheck may be whats best for us. To show us no spending on ourselves, only on bills, student loans, and necessities like groceries and gas.

What have you done in a wedding situation where things are overwhelming and its difficult to get a grip on your plans?

If your stuck in a difficult place, maybe repeating the Nightly Prayer will be what you need.

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