Boo knee pain.

Raise your hand (or shoe string) if you want to go outside for a good run? Me! How sad do those shoes look? Pretty pitiful if you ask me. I want to run so bad! My knee is still injured, still hurting and its not getting better. Its been a week since I tore my lateral hamstring tendon (but was told what it was on Saturday, you can find that here) and no relief. I love to run, not just like to run but love to run. I could run for days. It makes me happy, makes me thankful for my health. But nope Coastal Therapy said no running until I feel zero pain when running. So with me trying to see my limits I tried to run…to the mailbox. FAIL. I was barely able to walk back to the house. Awesome. So I tried something else, this:  Oh yes, the 30 Day Shred with Jillian Michaels. Ha! Yeah right I wasn’t able to do most of the stuff because it included butt kicks, lunges, and jumping jacks. Anything involved with putting pressure of my knee was a no go. It sucks. Now I know it has to heal, and I was told it would take time..but its feeling like its going to take more time.

I’m being a cry baby, I know. No running is not the end of the world. An injury is a common thing among runners and trust me, knee injuries are my thaannngg (imagine that in a really slow, Southern accent like Paula Deen with Dolly Parton) 🙂 so now I’m re-thinking my game plan to get back outside hitting the pavement with zero pain. I already have the knee sleeve, have the correct stretches, have the frozen veggie bags to ice my leg, etc. Now I just need a new lateral hamstring tendon, any donators out there? lol 🙂

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