Happy 4th!

Today is officially July 4th, the beautiful day that America declared independence from Great Britain. Thanks of the founding father’s we are eligible to have freedom. To me free is the most beautiful word. It allows us to be who and what we want to be. I had the freedom to change careers and follow my dream of becoming a pastry chef. Many others have chosen the freedom to serve and protect our glorious nation. So thank you troops for your courageous heart and for fighting for our country!

Many small towns celebrated last night, like on Tybee Island. Savannah is having their fireworks tonight on the river. Probably not going due to the horrific traffic experience last night. Lets rewind to yesterday shall we?

Here is Zach, trying to smile sitting in traffic going towards Tybee! The famous Crab Shack, ah yummy seafood. We had the 1/2&1/2: 1/2 lb. boiled shrimp & crab legs. Delicious!
Saw this, only on Tybee Island. A Mexican-Seafood restaurant.Our kayaks! I wanted the orange one due to my love for Clemson, but Travis claimed it.Alley E! We were about to set off into the river and into the ocean.

Beautiful view. I love the ocean.. Want to know why no in the moment kayaking pictures? Well I didn’t want to my camera or phone to get ruined. I didn’t bring a ziploc or dry-safe bag. So no photos. But good thing I didn’t bring any of that! We were soaked. I didn’t think we would get drenched by paddling, but oh lord it was something fierce. We were carrying camping gear on all 3 of the kayaks and pretty much anything not in a garbage bag was soaked.

It was awesome though! We kayaked I’d say close to 2 miles, and that was hard on the waves. The fear of capsizing when every boat passed definitely happened. Zach was kept telling my to calm down. We also got into a fight. I was getting mad he wasn’t staying in sync with me. So we yelled at each other for a good 20 minutes. So that else happened during this adventure? Well…Travis’s buddies didn’t show up with their boat and they were supposed to take us back to shore. We were not camping. I don’t camp. So on the way to ask the fellow beach goers if we could ride back with them, I had a panic attack. We were in a spot that where the tide was coming in and I felt trapped. When you can’t see your hand in front of your face due to the darkness and you feel water up to your thighs you would freak out too. Thank God the nice people said they would indeed take us back..but then…one of their boats started to sink! The high tide came in and it was higher than they expected. So the anchoring rope got tied around the engine and it lost the anchor and waves were going into the boat! The most dramatic forth of July in my life!

To end the most bizarre night was we got to our car around 11:16. We didn’t get home till 3. We sat in traffic for EVER! I was so irritated, tired, and cold. We didn’t have dry clothes and ours were soaked. Plus my leg was killing me. It hasn’t really gotten better since last night. Still killing me. Oh the story of my life is never the norm.


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