Ah, summer!

I never really feel like its summer until the most wonderful holiday weekend comes around. Yes, July 4 is indeed one of my favorite times of the year. It just makes summer official to me. The warm air, smell of a grill, and the incredible fire works are the start of summer. Its a wonderful time in the fact you see family and friends and just relax and laugh. Also, did I mention the grilling? Grills are one of our favorite things, just need to get one. But due to the lack of our own doesn’t mean we miss out. We just use others 🙂 there is nothing better than grilled food. Shrimp, hotdogs, steak, vegetables..mmmm so much better grilled! Another awesome thing about this weekend is the activities you get to enjoy. Most people gather in their hometown’s downtown and chill out all day waiting for the big event. We always went to Marietta Square, its one of my most favorite places. I’ve seen been there since I was a wee little girl (many years ago..two decades ago! wow thats old). Since I will not be there this year, and unlike last year in Orlando where Zach and I were alone, we will be doing something new to us. Kayaking! I love outdoor activities, and if its going to be a workout thats a plus! I have done other rigorous outdoor things like white-water rafting, caving, etc. But kayaking in a marsh sounds pretty gnarly!

So this is what I picture my day being like:                                                                                                                                               Kayaking! 


And I’m sure there are more fun things to happen. Like, eating at The Crab Shack. You can’t visit Tybee without eating there. Although it is a tourist trap, its still fun to eat there. To gear up for this fun day this is what I ate for breakfast:Be jealous of my yummy breakfast. In the bowl: some oatmeal, banana, organic peanut butter, & sprinkles of cinnamon. Paired well with my organic soy milk.

Oh and that pink odd thing is my Bobble. If you haven’t heard of one, look it up! Its a refillable water bottle with its own filter.


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