I am in fact, not allowed to run for 2 weeks at the minimum. WT%$@#!!! <-insert mad face here. Ugh. He said that by 2 weeks I should be able to walk without pain, but running will still be difficult at the beginning of the 2 week allowance. I couldn’t believe what my physical therapist was saying. Apparently I have a Stage 2 tear to  my lateral hamstring tendon. While in the process of that, I also strained my hamstring muscle. Great huh? The pain is intense. I tried not to cry while he stretched my leg in different directions. But the good news is that it will heal, slooowwwlllyyy. I have to ice it 2X a day, stretch 2X a day after a quick warm up of walking, and massage the crap out of the area once a day. The massage hurts the most. The stretch is also super uncomfortable, but I have to do it. I can also do strength training to “build” up my muscle again. But nooo running! Thats the worse. The pain was manageable today until we delivered a wedding cake. I carried the cake from fridge to car, and when I slide the cake in the leg strained and stretched forward and holy cow it hurt like a mother all over again. It was still bothering me when we arrived to the reception location, and I carried the cake again to the table. I guess putting weight on your body stressed the injury (I’m sure everyone else knows that, just not me!) and it has been killing me since. Oh well, an injury is an injury. It’s a side of running I deal with constantly deal with.

So, Zach and I are going kayaking with my cousin Travis and his wife down Little Tybee tomorrow and watching the fireworks from Tybee Island. What is everyone else doing this long weekend for Forth of July? Hope its safe & enjoyable!

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