throwin' rocks, makin' knocks.

The only reason this post is named throwin’ rocks, makin’ knocks is thanks to Zach for making a free style rhyme about Bigfoot. I know, its ridiculous. That is the only thing that is making me laugh right now. I’m super stressed. Our wedding is to blame.

So have I mentioned that its wedding season? I don’t think so. Well, let me tell you that it is in fact Wedding Season. Remember Wedding Crashers? Yeah the excitement when they yelled,”its wedding season!” is not so much reality. Its a lot of hard work. Long hours, and the stress is unbelievable. Don’t get me wrong, I love weddings. I just don’t like planning mine. I get too stressed and worried really quickly and I end up taking all the fun out of it. For example, I love hearing brides tell Ashlee what they want for their wedding cake. I enjoy their excitement. The other great part is I put together their one special cake they will ever eat. Pretty neat if you ask me! Occasionally I help out with other things, such as sugar flowers. Other people’s weddings are fun. To see some receptions blows me away, the decor is crazy beautiful. But my wedding, that is something else. I now have to get rental astroturf for our ceremony in the garden. What?! I never saw that coming.

The stress is affecting my running too. I start over thinking what I need to get or do and how I really don’t have the time I need. So I start to trip and lose my speed. It sucks. I get worn out quicker than normal.

Thank goodness I have Zach. He keeps me grounded, sees the brighter side of things. He isn’t a stressed-out maniac like me.


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