What does DNF mean you ask? It sadly means Did Not Finish. This is a sad day in my eyes, a fail that could of be prevented. I didn’t finish my race this morning. I cried like a baby to Zach. I nearly lost my mind when everyone had finished knowing I could of been done in a certain time, but I had to listen to my body and stop. Its like taking candy from a baby. I was one unhappy runner! Lets go back to where it all started:

Thursday morning I ran a little 5K around our beautiful neighborhood of Georgetown. I was feeling great. I had gotten up early, had a good little toast and almond butter, and grabbed my water and hit the pavement. Even Zach passed me while he was out on his way to work and blew me a kiss (he could of said something more, but I had my music on and couldn’t hear). On the home stretch of my run I felt icky. My stomach was churning, I wanted to throw up so bad. I ran out of H2O on the start of mile 2 so I had nothing to drink. What should I have done? Stopped and walked home. No, I ran the last bit and seriously wanted to curl in  a ball at my house. The sensations I felt were from a bad friend called dehydration. I drank some water on the way to work and it just got worse from there. I left early with a beginning miagraine.  Thursday night was a blur, I felt awful.

Friday morning I went into work and Minette asked, “do you feel ok?” I replied saying yeah, a little from yesterday my head still hurts. She simply told me I could and should head home to rest. So thats what I did. I also cooked some pasta with cauliflower sauce for lunch and dinner so I could get some good, healthy carbs in before my race. I also drank exactly 64 ounces of water throughout the day. I head to bed early and hope for the best.

This morning…not so much. I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t eat my breakfast. I almost couldn’t drink my last 32 ounces of water. I was ready for this race to be done and over with. I had some crazy nerves and couldn’t talk myself out of them. I had a mini panic attack at the house right before I left because Zach asked which way it was at. I freaked out on him.

I got to the race and it was already steaming. I mean, hot with zero clouds and no shade. None. My water bottle was already hot and I had only walked for 5 minutes?! The race started at exactly 9 and I was going at a good pace..9:48 per mile. Here is the kicker, there was only 1 water station at mile 1 and Brooke was out of water. So I got to mile 2, and guess what? I yakked right over the guard rail. Immediately after, I felt like I was about to hit the road. My sugar level dropped way too much in 30 minutes. It was a combo of nerves, heat exhaustion, and not enough fluids. I failed my race. I cried like a big baby to Zach. Never have I once stopped running in my training. I run till I get home. This wasn’t even a walking break to cool down and slow my heart beat. It was I’m done right now. Dead stop. I had to though. I had to listen to my body. This was a serious issue. I couldn’t keep going, I had to unwilling stop my race. Only to me does it feel like a failure. I’m beating myself up since I keep replaying everything in my head. Zach and I watched others pass, and I said I could of been done right now. So on Monday, June 13 there is a small little race going on in Georgetown. Its called the Too Legit To Quit 5K. I plan on doing very well in the race! Hope to win Best Female Time and Best Time Overall 😉

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