Memorial Day Weekend.

To start out this post, let me say I had a fabulous Memorial Day weekend! The weather was nice, the company was great, and it was a over-all great time. Friday was the kick-off to the holiday weekend. Some wonderful friends stopped by, I haven’t seen them in a year! They are very close to my heart and it was a good time. Then my dad and Erin were headed down and arrived late Friday night. I was so happy to see them! I miss my dad every day, its still hard to be away from him. Well Saturday was the big event in my week. It was my first race! I ran the Savannah Mile, its just one mile right through downtown and it was very exciting, just to be around more runners was encouraging.

I finished my mile in 9:34! I was so excited and proud! I saw Zach, Dad, and Erin at the half mile mark and it was the thing I needed to push me to the finish line. I love running. Its in my blood, my mom used to run races all the time and I think its finally my passion, almost like it was and still is hers. That summed up Saturday morning/afternoon, and we had dinner at the Chart House.

Sunday was a beach day! It seemed like all of Savannah was on Tybee, it took us an hour to get there and then to find a parking spot was like as crazy as Christmas at the mall! Insane is the word to describe it. We had so much fun in the sun, the breeze was refreshing. The smell of the beach was lifting my mood instantly. The beach was over crowded, but it didn’t dampen our moods. We found a quiet spot just past the pier. 

Then we headed off to The Crab Shack were we ate lunch/dinner. It was good and delicious, perfect after a long day at the beach. Had such an amazing weekend! Hope everyone else did too.  


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